Bunchy - Viral WordPress Theme with Open Lists

Bunchy ? Viral WordPress Theme with Open Lists free download

Bunchy is the first WordPress theme with open lists. This revolutionary feature allows community users to submit new content to already published posts and vote up for the best submission. Inspired by sites like boredpanda.com and ebaumsworld.com, Bunchy gives you all the tools needed to build a viral content sharing platform.

VERSION 1.1.1 ? 29 November 2016, Minor update

# NEW - Snax plugin upgraded to the latest version # NEW - Snax: option to turn backend created posts into the "Open List" posts # NEW - Snax: select multiple categories # NEW - Snax: assign Snax posts to a category automatically while submitting # Improved - NSFW categories archive pages show normal images # Improved - Newsletter privacy text added to WP Customizer # Improved - Snax: block the "Submit" button after submission to prevent duplication # Improved - Snax Story format: editor height increased # Fixed - BuddyPress: broken replies to activity comments link # Fixed - Missing translations # Fixed - Wrong number of pages in pagination # Fixed - Snax Story format: doesn't work when it's the only active format chosen # Fixed - Snax Story format: missing toolbar's buttons on mobile devices # Fixed - Snax Story format: "jumping" title in FF